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BED Coordinates
« on: October 03, 2011, 06:47:17 AM »
BED coordinate ranges are defined as [start, end), where start marks the beginning of a genomic segment and end is one-beyond-the-end of the genomic segment.

chr1  10  20

denotes the genomic segment on chr1, starting from base 10 to base 19, inclusively.  Coordinates may be interpreted as 0-based or 1-based, however.  A person may interpret these coordinates as the 10th-19th on chr1, or the 11th-20th if counting starts at base 0.  Such an interpretation does not change answers produced by BEDOPS.  While the official BED format does specify that everything is 0-based, we support a more relaxed (more general) version of the format in several ways.
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